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This is the official website for the 2020 gingerbread model of the U.S. Capitol.

Check here for regular updates on the construction process, information on Sr Area General Manager Fred Johnson III,

and links to associated social media accounts.


Hear it from The Chef

What inspired you to make the Capitol out of gingerbread?

At first it was a simple question that went like this “can the Chef create a Capitol gingerbread house?”

And then it became this famous replica of the Capitol 4 years in the making. As I learned, that this had never been done before inside the Capitol.

I was driven to not only make it amazing every year but also share it with everyone.

How long does it take to create?

Well, I will say, that my first year (2016) of ever creating anything of this magnitude? I started in September. Now I start 3 weeks out from the reveal on November 30th.

What is the most difficult part of the Capitol to make?

Well this one is easy!!!
I remember in 2016 stressing out about how I was going to create the dome out of gingerbread. It turns out that a 5 quart kitchen aide mixing bowl stuffed with rice Krispy treat makes the perfect mold.
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Gingerbread House Day

December 12, 2020

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